Price List For 2021

Bebe Bird

Price List For 2021

Basic Rompers

Basic Rompers are pull-on rompers with no ruffles or added detail. Prices apply, to long, short and no sleeve variations

Fancy Rompers, Overalls & Summer Suits

Rompers that have snaps, added details, ruffles, etc fall into this category

Basic Tees & Tanks

Styles with no ruffles or pockets or embellishments

Tops, Tunics & Hoodies

Fancier styles with pockets, ruffles, more detail or fabric

Leggings And Basic Joggers

No pockets or additions

Pocket Joggers with Added Details

All Knit Dresses

Woven dresses and special requests are subject to special pricing. 

Some of the above styles are available up to 14Y. Please email [email protected] for further information about sizing and pricing info :)